HAMLIN - The Necessary (ish)®

An old Kodak photo. 80s and 90s rock music. Cutting-edge retail that’s just forward enough.

HAMLIN encompasses all of this and more. The experiential modern- lifestyle brand blends shopping and community for a curated experience. HAMLIN vibes with coastal energy yet embraces Midwest nostalgia—and people from all walks of life are invited to join the movement.

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s wellness-based Serenbe neighborhood, the shop offers the retail experience you didn’t know you craved. From high-end apparel to trendy athleisure—from wellness products and accessories to custom playlists and special events—rest assured you’ll find your next treasure here.


Delivering a fresh take on "different"

This isn't your average neighborhood shoppe. Hamlin is a retail experience bringing fresh, current products and brands that work seamlessly into your gorgeous modern life.  “I take my partnerships seriously and believe authentically in every product I choose to carry in the store,” says Stacy, Owner + Curator, Hamlin stands out from the rest and I work every day to keep Hamlin original and moving forward. “

Hamlin is a treasure, beautifully capturing the sense and sensibility of Serenbe’s offbeat customers. This small but mighty lifestyle shop offers, as the brand says, The Necessary (ish)®️, and you’ll find carefully curated appeal, accessories and gifts for yourself and your crew, from cozy sweaters to food shaped chalk for the kiddos. Peek around the gate and forage for glass mushrooms to decorate your lawn with Hamlin too. The shop and owner Stacy Simmonds are full of heart and soul for humanity and it shows. Highly recommend!

- Meg Ross

We take our (ish) seriously


Hamlin is an eclectic mix. To know it, is to experience it. With its beautiful shopping atmosphere and specially crafted playlists, those who venture in quickly understand its authentic beat. This is a shop not to be missed when visiting Serenbe. Learn more about Hamlin and how it all came together on the Serenbe Stories Podcast!


Click Here to Listen -  https://www.serenbe.com/stories/hamlins-big-wheels-keep-on-turning-with-stacy-simmonds

Our Founder's Story

I unknowingly created Hamlin long before opening in 2018. Pressing rewind to 1985, there I was on Hamlin Ave in Chicago. Carefree, happy - Hamlin is a reflection of me + filled with current, necessary (ish), that I love and think you will too.

High fives + stink eyes since ’85

- Stacy M. Simmonds




When you enter Hamlin for the first time, your vibe will elevate. Feel free to shop, dance or sing! You are welcome here... Hamlin is a place on earth. 



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